Turtle Express: October 2015


On October 12th the Troop elected a new Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) who will lead the Troop for the next 6 months. John Hogan, the oldest scout in the Troop, was elected by his peers.  John is a life scout who has been with Troop 150 for seven years. John and senior Troop leaders will organize the annual planning meeeting and assemble the Troop calendar. As SPL John would like to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. He is determined to inspire others in the troop and motivate them to embody scout principles and advance in rank.

Fall Camporee

Troop 150 planned to attend the 2015 fall camporee at Gunston Hall in Mason Neck, Virginia. Unfortunatley the event was canceled due to the threat of Hurricane Joaquin. This is the first time an Old Dominion District Camporee has ever been canceled. The program for the fall camporee will be merged with the upcoming spring campree.

Annandale Parade

Parade 2015Troop 150 lead the Annandale Chamber of Comerce’s Fall Parade Haloween weekend. The Troop holds this position of honor because they are the oldest Troop in fairfax county to call home. Scouts in the troop handed out candy to costumed onlookers while they were marching. After the parade was finished, Troop 150 walked the route in  reverse removing litter and beautifying the community.