Turtle Express: November 2013


     New SPL!

Troop 150’s New SPL next to Scoutmaster Wood

The troop held their semiannual Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) Election on October 7th. The candidates were some of the best scouts in the troop and included many former patrol leaders and SPLs. Former New Scout Patrol Leader, Beckman, was declared the winner of the election and was inaugurated on November 1. Beckman is currently a Life scout who has been a member of Troop 150 for four years. He has been an extremely active member in our Troop and will do his best to serve his fellow scouts as our top youth leader these next six months.



          When we got there it was cold. Just how cold, you may ask, “It was 11 degrees in our frozenbuckettents,” says our Scoutmaster, Larry Wood, “and that’s not even including wind-chill”. The scouts were freezing. Another troop was there from Maryland and left because it was too cold and windy. Troop 150 Icestayed for the night and toughed it out. The scouts couldn’t even get water out of the spigot because it was frozen! If the scouts didn’t have frozen water left from the day before, they wouldn’t have been able to cook breakfast. On top of that, the propane for the stoves didn’t work well because it was so cold!

Antietam Group photo
The Troop in a group photo at Antietam battlefield

They did have a lot of fun, though.The scouts felt really good when they got home from the trip and jumped into their warm beds.   While the Troop was there, they learned about the Battle of Antietam. It was the bloodiest single day battle of the Civil War. There were more than 22,000 casualties, which means there were more men killed at Antietam than there was in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.  You can find out more about the battle at asdaqua.com/antietam-1/, written by Stephen, our Troop 150 Guide.


SFF Loading

Scouting for Food

The Troop and their brother Pack, Pack 150, jointly participated in the Scouting for Food service campaign this fall. The Troop and Pack collected foods from the neighborhoods in the area for families in need. A total of 88 scouts and 38 adults participated in the event collecting 3,456 pounds of food all together. SFF HaulThe food was delivered to ACCA food pantry in Annandale, and from there, distributed to families in the D.C. area for the holidays. The food from the Troop and Pack alone could feed about 500 people for a week*.

The Troop had a very busy month of activities and service in November. The boys all had a lot of fun and are looking forward to a winter of scouting and the New Year.

*The number 987 is based off a general rule of ½ pound of food per person, per meal.

Written by James, Troop 150 Historian

Edited by Beck, Troop 150 SPL

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